We help you freelancing in France, without paperwork.

We are the cheapest.

70€ per month.


North Devs

  • We decided to make this service more affordable for everyone. Other companies take up to 12% of your growth.
  • We take only 70€. Fixed.
  • We help you for everything, from coming with us to leaving us! Just ask! We are tech guys, we want the world to be a cheaper place, without compromising wages.

What we offer is simple.


You have access to all services for 70€ per month.

Compare with most of other companies

For a daily rate of 350€:

  • with a 3% commission we are cheaper from the 7th worked day of the month
  • with a 5% commission we are cheaper from the 4th worked day of the month

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The "portage salarial", is a way to be a freelancer without having to create a company.
    You will be an employee of North Devs (North Devs Connect, exactly) and we produce bills for your client. Once your bills paid, we will make the funds available to you as a salary (and expenses).

  • This is how you have to think portage salarial.
    You will have a reserve with the amount that your clients pay.
    We remove the 70€ per month from this reserve.
    We then remove the 10% legal reserve, which you will get back as soon as you don't produce bills (this is a french law, not us).
    Then we subtract all your expenses that we are allowed to deduce (restaurants, computers and phones, and more). Be careful, all expenses are not 100% deduced.
    Then there is your wage. You can count that you divide by 2-ish to have the after taxes amount.